OTC Health Solutions Preferred Care Partners

What is OTC Health Solutions?

OTC Health Solutions Preferred Care Partners portal is accessible at otchs.com or cvs.com/otchs. OTC Health Solutions is the provider of health solution and self-care products. This company also offers home selfcare treatment. This program is aimed to improve the health and wellness of the members.

What are the Benefits of OTC Health Solutions Members?

  • Cost effective to the health plan.
  • Member wellness.
  • Reduce the health care cost.
  • Convenient access.
  • Nationwide delivery.

How to Access OTC Health Solutions Portal?

  • Visit otchs.com or cvs.com/otchs.
  • Enter OTCHS member ID.
  • Type the password.
  • Tap the Sign In button.

2021 Over-the-Counter Item Catalog – Preferred Care Partners

https://www.mypreferredcare.com/media/275821/pcp_otchs_catalog_2021.pdf 1. Call OTC Health Solutions (OTCHS) using the phone number on file. 2. Once the system locates your account you will be asked to input your date of birth in MMDD format. 3. Account authentication process will start and the system will verify the name and address on the account. 4. Once the ordering process begins, you may order 15 items or

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